Fribin is a Spanish company leader in Europe in the slaughter and processing of beef and pork meat, located at Binefar in the Aragon, a region rich in history, culture and rural tradition.

Fribin is a dynamic and modern company, with a young staff, qualified, competent and able to meet all expectations of quality, safety and freshness that customers throughout Italy demand for their meat.

Thanks to very detailed and precise specifications with which farmers are obliged to comply, Fribin products represent the perfection for goodness, tenderness and healthiness.

Today the company slaughters 2,000 livestock each week (beef  and heifer) and 18000 pigs, all from inspected and certified farms located at a distance of 50 km from the slaughterhouse.

The organization and logistics allow the company to be present with their trucks in every Italian region almost every day of the week.

In 2006, E-R-A Foods and Fribin undertook to pursue a common objective aimed at tackling, with renewed enthusiasm, the challenges that the modern meat market and distribution demand.

Vanlommel is a Belgian company that produces veal.

The company is located in Olen, Flanders, and its farms are located between Holland and Belgium.

A policy of constant investment in time, combined with over fifty years of experience, makes Vanlommel one of the largest European producers of veal.

Thanks to a controlled supply chain, which is inspected at every stage of production, certified by an independent entity, the company was able to provide its customers with a tasty, tender and healthy product.

Safety, environmental compliance and quality are the principles on which this company has based its trade.

An efficient logistics system allows customers (wholesalers, supermarket chains, etc..)  to be reached in each region of Italy.

Since some years E-R-A Foods has become the exclusive representative of Vanlommel for the Italian market.

This strong and transparent partnership has been designed with the aim to provide Italian customers with a timely and appropriate service.

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